John Sheehan – Modern Man

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JOHN SHEEHAN – MODERN MAN: Modern Man is John Sheehan’s second release. John is an accomplished fingerstyle guitarist from Ringwood, New Jersey. Modern Man explores a diversity of styles such as bluegrass, county and folk rock drawing from various inspirations such as nature and life experiences. The CD is an eclectic mix of guitar and banjo instrumentals mixed in with 6 vocal tracks. John is an extraordinary player and his songs are accented with the fiddle, standup bass, drums and harmonica. Modern Man has philosophical lyrics addressing issues of overconsumption and overcoming life’s struggles, as told in the songs ‘Modern Man,’ ‘Beyond Your Means’ and ‘Life Song.’ My favorites on the CD are Tracks 1, 4, 7 and 16. ‘Land Rush’ is a great banjo tune supported by a fretless bass grove that really adds dimension to the track. The other three are great examples of John’s abilities as a diversified guitarist. Overall, every track on Modern Man is enjoyable and a must have for the modern man who needs an upbeat CD to unwind with. [by Laura Turner Lynch | www]

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